I will now begin to document various trades in real time on video to teach techniques as well as to prove how methodical the system I use truly is.


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Last Nights 50 Pip Trade utilizing my Calculation System

Recorded 8/7/12 - Further evidence and proof of how the chart lines produced by my pivot and fib calculation system not only will keep you out of danger but will put you in to winning positions.  Its all about confluence and correlations over multiple time frames and correlated currency pairs.

Spreadsheet Calculation System Fully Evolved

Recorded 7/27/12 - In this video I show you how my fully evolved Spreadsheet Calculation System uses the Data Feed from MT4 to produce Pivot Point and Fib Levels over Multiple time Frames, overlapped with a few other indicators as well as Correlation with other highly correlated currency pairs to get into high probability trades.  This video is just a look at how it works and the design of it all.  In my next video I will record a live setup from start to finish and show you all how to enter winning trades this way.

From Raw Spread Sheet Data To My MT4 Charts

Recorded 08/07/11 - In this video I take you a step further from the previous four videos posted below.  You should only watch this video if you watched the four posted below.  Since it is very obvious that it is not practical to trade off a spreadsheet we need to take the data from the spreadsheet and transpose it onto the MT4 Charts.  So, I created an MT4 Template that is designed to take this data and have set up a method of quickly (in under 5 minutes) copy and pasted all the data from the spreadsheet into the chart for that particular time frame.  When you watch this video it will all come together for you.

My Trading Console Intro Part 1

My Trading Console Intro Part 2

My Trading Console Intro Part 3

My Trading Console Intro Part 4

Recorded 07/29/11 - The Spreadsheet that I recently developed, the one I made the video below about was a bit overwhelming so I made it much more user friendly and condensed all the data in a way that all the necessary data is right there together in one single view.  Utilizing this console will identify areas of support and resistance and will get you into high probability trades and keep you out of the risky trades.  These are long videos and cover a wealth of information.


Recorded 06/01/11 - Unfortunately I recorded this video after the fact.  I was experiencing technical issues and was very involved in this trade.  Most of the trades I will post are not my main trades just scalps that are so easy to get in and out of over and over that I can confidently turn on the desk cam and record it in action.  This trade was stellar, racked in around a hundred pips in a short period of time.  After exiting I saw yet another opportunity to get in for yet another quick 45 Pip Scalp.  Today I managed to rack in around 150 Pips with very little effort.  A screenshot of my second position has already been posted on the Performance Page.

EUR/USD Scalp Short

Recorded 05/23/11 - It was a dull time of the day to trade but I saw some rather strong resistance on several time frames so I decided to take a crack at a EUR/USD Short and sure enough we scalped  about 15 Pips just a few pips less than my goal.  This was just a small scalp but scalps like this can take place a few times a day with very little effort.

GBP/USD Breakout Short

Recorded 05/23/11 - In this video I walk you through in real time a Breakout Short.  I use the one minute chart to enter this trade.  In all this trade reaches over 50 Pips.  This is a Screenshot of the same trade.

GBP/USD Fade Trade Short

Recorded 05/20/11 - In this video I display a GBP/USD Fade Trade Scalp to the downside.  I was a bit late to turn on the camera prior to entering the trade which is how I want to record these videos but I still had the trade underway during the video and I walk you through how I performed this particular trade setup.

First Scalping Video Part 1

First Scalping Video Part 2

First Scalping Video Part 3

First Scalping Video Part 4

Recorded 05/18/11 - In this four part video I scalp the GBP/USD Pair as a counter trend trade at the end of a powerful downtrend.  This type of scalp after a fall to the downside bouncing off support is referred to as a fade.  I performed this trade purposely to displayed the power of Support & Resistance areas.  This is officially my first live video trade.